• The Internet Post Box

    The Internet Post Box

For as little as £89 (inc.VAT) the Internet Post Box addresses most, if not all the problems associated with shopping online in a secure, robust, discreet and infinitely flexible manner leaving you to forget about planning your day around an expected delivery to your home.

The Internet Post Box is constructed from tough and durable polymers which can withstand the rigours of both weather and repeated use. It is fitted with a sturdy, battery-free combination lock with 10,000 entry code permutations which can be programmed at will.

Whilst available in a variety of colour combinations, our market research reveals that the dark green we have chosen enables our flagship Internet Post Box (Model IPB - 02) to blend in very discreetly with most properties.

It is usually supplied in kit form or can be installed in minutes by our trained technical agents

New News - a comparison of options found in the UK market completed by Creative Backup of Santa Cruz California - May 2015

go to http://creativebackupcom.businesscatalyst.com/market-test.html    

click on this link, find the red icon and then click on that  - there are many pages with a summary at the end

  The Internet Post Box