• The Internet Post Box

   Security Matters

Whilst the Internet Post Box is very safe, it is not a traditional safe and thus should not be considered as such. It is a depository. Whilst it is extremely tough and capable of taking some considerable abuse, it cannot withstand a persistent or aggravated onslaught from a determined thief.

The Internet Post Box has been conceived to facilitate online shopping and secure home delivery. We recommend that for more valuable purchases and important document deliveries, users should continue to receive personal deliveries and to sign for them.

It should be noted that the decision to use the Internet Post Box for a particular parcel delivery will be entirely your own. By including your Code in the ordering process you effectively absolve the parcel courier of all responsibility for your purchase after it has been delivered.

However, since the Internet Post Box becomes part of your home, any delivered content is likely to be covered by the terms of your home insurance policy. In the very unlikely event of a delivery being stolen, a claim should be valid.

The corrosion resistant and battery free combination lock can be reset very easily and each unit is supplied with two master keys to facilitate entry if and when the combination code is forgotten.

The Internet Post Box does provide for multiple deliveries in one day though consideration might be given to changing the code for every delivery, if this is convenient.

In the unlikely event of a combination lock failing for any reason, exchange units are readily available and can be fitted in minutes.


With regard to the security of your payment, this is all processed by Barclays Secure Payment System


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The Internet Post Box - Delivery & Installation