• The Internet Post Box

    Secure Home Parcel Delivery Box

At last there is a secure, convenient and affordable way to have your online shopping delivered to your home - any time, day or night.

It's hassle free, stress relief for every busy online shopper.

For as little as £89 (including VAT) you can purchase our dark green flagship Internet Post Box and install it at your home in minutes. It's tough and dependable and can be discreetly located at your home on any vertical wall.

Being front loading its ideal for emptying - avoiding the need for any awkward bending and lifting,  

Once installed you can have your weekly groceries,  motor spares,  Christmas & birthday presents, books, clothes, toys, DVDs, kettles, irons... indeed almost anything and everything delivered directly to your home in the same way as you would expect your letters to be delivered.

It's the future, order one now!


And now there is an independent review of options in the UK market place - authored in Califiornia by Creative Back Up.

It appears to be a spreadsheet based assessment of facts and attributes over 12 pages

go to  http://creativebackupcom.businesscatalyst.com/market-test.html  & click on the red icon

Great news for The Internet Post Box   



  The Internet Post Box - Secure Home Parcel Delivery Box