• The Internet Post Box

    How Does the Internet Post Box Work?

For those occasions when you don’t want to sign for a parcel in person but take delivery through your Internet Post Box, this is what you do.

At the point where you are completing your purchase and you are asked to provide details of your delivery address, you simply insert your chosen Internet Post Box Code as the first line of your address.

If there is provision on the order form to indicate where you wish your delivery to be made, you can point out a more precise location of the Internet Post Box at your property.

If you have selected a particularly obscure location for your Internet Post Box, you may wish to purchase one of our Decal Pointers to provide further guidance to the courier – they are supplied in Pillar Box red.

With this information, the postman or courier can simply arrive at your property, locate the Internet Post Box, apply the Code to the combination lock (shown with your address details), open the door, deliver your purchase, close the door and scramble the combination wheels to secure the Internet Post Box again.

Each Internet Post Box is issued with a unique reference number which is printed on a self adhesive label together with a space for your signature or a personal ID word, if you wish to use it. This can be applied inside the Internet Post Box and become part of the proof of delivery process.

Most couriers now have the capacity to photograph elements of the delivery process and forward these to your mobile phone or e mail address as proof of delivery.

The delivery can be concluded successfully in seconds to your own home outdoor parcel box.

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  The Internet Post Box - How Does the Internet Post Box Work