• The Internet Post Box

   Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key benefits of an Internet Post Box?

The Internet Post Box greatly facilitates the burgeoning demand for internet shopping and acts very much like the simple letter box we are all familiar with – only much, much bigger.

Thus, for most deliveries of internet shopping, where the sizes are greater than a normal letter, you don’t have to be there to receive them.

More than that, the Internet Post Box allows deliveries to be made throughout the full 24 hours of each day, should you so wish.

The Internet Post Box provides for multiple deliveries to be made on the same day, should the householder so wish.

The Internet Post Box is weather proof and thus can be used to take delivery of all manner of products where such protection is required.

Couriers love the Internet Post Box since they allow them to make a delivery every time and to do so efficiently and effectively. No longer do they have to stand on door steps, ring bells, wait endlessly only to find the recipient is out and become obliged to return on another occasion or complete a card indicating that the parcel must be picked up from a collection point by the intended recipient.

In a similar way, the Internet Post Box eliminates the need for the intended parcel recipient to ever have to go and wait in a queue at a central collection point such as the local Royal Mail Office in order to pick up an undelivered parcel.

The Internet Post Box is also ideal for farmers whose lifestyle requires them to be away from their homes during the course of a normal working day. Couriers can easily effect the secure delivery of machinery spares and other farming consumables without the need to go hunting around land and buildings in search of the farmer.

Those with weekend cottages in the countryside may also find an Internet Post Box to be really useful, allowing them to stock up with local provisions without having to cart them from their town and city locations

The list of potential benefits and uses is endless.

What can the Internet Post Box be used for?

The generous internal dimensions of our flagship Internet Post Box are 43.5cm high, 38cm wide and 50cm deep – gives a cubic capacity of 82,650 cubic cm.

At this scale the Internet Post Box can accommodate a wide range of parcels and packages, for example:

  • all parcels up to this size and weighing less than 13.0 kg
  • at least one carry tray of groceries from any leading supermarket  (usually about 50,000 cubic cm and 6kg)
  • a case of 6 bottles of wine  (usually weighs about 6.5kg) A full case could be taken but may cause some distortion of the Internet Post Box - but it would not break.

What can’t the Internet Post Box be used for?

The Internet Post Box is not recommended for receiving particularly valuable items or important documents. In these instances,  it is recommended that you do not include the Code when placing your order. In this way the courier will know to make a personal delivery and obtain a formal signature.

The Internet Post Box is not a fridge or freezer and thus is unsuitable for receiving frozen foods or other highly perishable items – unless of course you are able to ensure you will be able to remove such goods within a very short time of them being delivered – this will be your decision. 

Can I use the Internet Post Box for dispatching parcels too?

Yes indeed, the Internet Post Box can be used for the dispatch of articles up to its size and weight limit. Items of this nature can be locked inside and couriers can be provided with the entry code to facilitate their collection. On collection, the courier may leave a suitable card in the Internet Post Box or slip it through the letter box.  Couriers photographic resources may also be used to provide proof of collection.

Is the Internet Post Box suitable for other purposes?

In appropriate circumstances, the Internet Post Box might be used as a temporary key depository. For example, a carer may find it helpful to be able to access the secure homes of elderly clients without having to be responsible for carrying a large number of keys. In a similar way, a trusted tradesman may find it useful to have such a form of access in order to fix a defect in a customer’s house without that customer having to wait around to provide access.

Could another user have the same Master Key as me?

The chances of that happening are 1 in 40,000 -  so it’s a yes, but only a very, very remote yes.

Does the Internet Post Box have an application for apartment blocks

For apartments blocks, it is recommended that stacks of Internet Post Boxes are assembled in the entrance area and suitably addressed to provide all occupants with the opportunity to take advantage of their own personal delivery service. A wide range of Internet Post Box door colours are available.   

How do I clean an Internet Post Box?

This could not be simpler. The Internet Post Box cannot rust or corrode over time thus it is recommended that  you  either use a bucket of warm water and a sponge to clean it ( perhaps when you are washing your car) or simply direct a hosepipe spray to both inside and out.

Are there any Healthy & Safety issues?

It is recommended that Internet Post Boxes are installed on walls at about chest level. This makes for best user visibility ( for both courier and homeowner) and also minimises the amount of lifting which might be needed when removing content – in other words it is very “back and lumbar region friendly”!

Another advantage of mounting an Internet Post Box on a wall is that it takes it away from the attentions of vermin such as rats and mice – particularly important when you are having your groceries delivered

Is the Internet Post Box “childsafe”?

Firstly, the standard Internet Post Box is too small for a child to get into. Secondly,  if wall mounted, the possibilities such occupation are eliminated.

Significantly, the Internet Post Box can be closed but not locked from the inside 

Just to be extra sure, the Internet Post Box includes a series of ventilation holes at the rear which preclude even a squirrel from being suffocated. Whilst such ventilation may allow a few drops of rain to penetrate during a heavy storm, the compromise is well worth making for squirrels. 

Does the Internet Post Box fill up with water and rubbish?

The Internet Post Box is not a bin and has been designed to avoid all those issues associated with metal bins which are screwed to the ground

  • they do not fill with water or rubbish but more importantly ……
  • small children cannot inadvertently get trapped inside them
  • they can be hosed clean without fear of causing corrosion to any part
  • they are best located on walls, at about 1.2 metres above ground, to avoid awkward lifting for the user whilst at the same time affording good visibility as to the content