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C John Smith, MBE


Successful serial entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience of leading both public and private companies such as Chubb Union Security Ltd, Metal Box plc., Greyfriars Ltd. and Northern Produce Ltd., John places customer satisfaction at the core of his corporate ethos and personally drives marketing strategy.

John was awarded an MBE in the 1995 Birthday Honours list for his services to the disabled. 





Judith M Haigh

Financial Director

Judith is a seasoned financial controller who has worked with CEO, John Smith for over 25 years. She is also senior partner in Myton Business Services.






Aga Danila

Web Marshall

Former CEO of Northern Produce Ltd, with a broad experience of international commodity trading across Europe, Aga has taken control of all aspects of the Internet Post Box website including both its commercial content and its administrative function. She is a stickler for detail and service.






Charlie Merson

Production and Distribution Director

Having successfully served all the four major UK supermarkets as Operations Director of award winning fresh produce company, Greyfriars (UK) Ltd. Charlie is responsible for production planning, quality control, stock control and distribution of the Internet Post Box.





Veselin Lalev

South European Market Director

Based in Sofia, Vesko is founder and principal of Invest Bulgaria, a leading consultancy for those interested in developing markets beyond traditional western European markets. He is also a founder of Gamblify Ltd. an affiliate company running some of the largest online gambling affiliates sites in Scandinavia like: gambling.se and bestcasinos.no







Our Support Agencies  







Finance and Internet Secure Payment Services

Barclays has been appointed as lead corporate financier for the Internet Post Box Company Ltd. Barclaycard has been selected as the channel through which all consumer transactions are directed, using its well proven secure payment platform




Public Relations and Media

A highly creative and proactive agency, Cicada has been retained to keep The Internet Post Box Company at the cutting edge of communications in both traditional and social media. 




Personnel Affairs

Headed by Rebecca Smith, Atalanta provides the Internet Post Box Company with consultancy advice and guidance on all matters relating to personnel policy and the important issue of ethical employment practices.



Installation Agency Services (IAS)

A series of Installation Agents provide techical support to those who don't have the time, equipment or skills to install their own Internet Post Box.




In North Yorkshire


In Xiamen , China


The Internet Post Box Company

The Internet Post Box Company


The Internet Post Box Company Limited


Telford House

Sowerby Road



North Yorkshire


Tel:                                   01845 574027


Our Banking & Administration  Centre is:

Telford House, 8 Sowerby Road, Sowerby,

Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 1HX                                      



Xiamen Factory

No. 638 Guankou Avenue

Guankou Town

Jimei District

Xiamen, Fujian Province

Republic of China