• The Internet Post Box

   Progamming the Combination Lock
    1. With the lock opening knob pointing to “Open” turn the combination wheels to a set of numbers you like and can remember – these will become your first Internet Post Box Code.

    2. Close the door, turn the knob to the “Close” position and scramble the wheel numbers.

    3. Your Internet Post Box is now securely locked. To open it again, you or your courier  need only align the wheels once again to your chosen Code position and turn the knob clockwise. It is as simple as that.

    4. If you forget your Code or the courier somehow corrupts it, insert your Master Key into the opening knob and turn it clockwise – this will open the door but will not give you the code you used to set it.

    5. At this point you will need to re-programme the combination lock with the Pin Set provided – or a leg of a paper clip will do equally well.

    6. With the door open, locate the four holes at the back of the lock and push your pin into each of these holes in succession.

    7. As you do so, rotate each wheel until the pin slips further into each of the small holes - this may need a little practice and repetition, just to be sure you have felt the pin penetrate correctly.

    8. When your pin has fully slipped into each re-set hole, you will have the master combination from which you can reset the combination lock – as in 1 above. 

    9. Remember to put your Master Key (we provide you with two) in a safe place or on your key ring. Experience tells us these "lockout" events will not happen very often so its a good idea to keep one key on your key ring instead of trying to remember where that safe place actually was! ( Many thanx to DJC of Camberley for this tip)

    10. Your Internet Post Box is now ready for use.


The Internet Post Box - Combination Lock